A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Chesstris, or you could be forgiven for mistaking this to be chess

How to play:

Place groups of pieces on a chess board, watch them all attack each other simultaneously, and avoid filling the board, or else it's "game over". You get points for clearing pieces by having them get taken (according to the usual chess attack patterns). Once the board is too full to place another group of 4, the game is over.


WASD - move your group of new pieces around

F - place your pieces (requires an open row of 4)

E - spend 5 points to discard and get a new "hand" of pieces

Special thanks:

Brennan Letkeman (@letkma on Twitter) for his pleasant color palettes http://brennanletkeman.com/palette.html


The attack animations are confusing, and will require a more robust system to properly convey what's happening in the release version of the game. For now enjoy the cleared pieces exploding off the board.

Install instructions

Windows and Mac versions are included in the .zip file.


Chesstris Jam Version.zip 25 MB